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There is a growing interest in using Linux on the desktop computer, and these days it's easier than ever to try.  Some people want to get more power from their desktop computer.  Some are fed up with viruses, spyware, and slow, crash-prone Microsoft Windows, and some simply wish to avoid the high cost of Microsoft Windows licensing and the pain of "activation codes."  If any of this sounds familiar, perhaps it's time for you to consider trying Linux!

Whatever your reason, in just a few minutes it's possible to actually be trying Linux on your desktop computer, and this site will show you how, even on a machine running Microsoft Windows if you don't want to erase MS Windows from your computer.  

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What is Linux?

Linux is an "operating system" (OS) for computers.  Other popular operating systems you may have heard of would be Microsoft Windows, Unix, and Apple OS X.

Because of its speed, stability and low cost, Linux became the fastest growing operating system for servers (the computers than run big companies, the Internet, large networks, etc.)  Today, over 25% of all servers run on Linux!  This includes servers from all the major hosting companies (Linux hosting currently available via http://www.hostgatorvpscoupons.org if you are interested).For all the same reasons Linux has become so popular on servers, it's now finding its way to desktop computers.  There are now versions of Linux created specifically for desktop use, such as Linspire, which give you the stability and cost savings of Linux, but with the ease of a windows environment.  Schools, businesses and homes are starting to migrate in large numbers to Desktop Linux, just as they have been for years on their servers.

Use the Tabs along the top of this website to learn more about Linux and then give it a try today.  Perhaps today is the day that you'll join the millions of others who have already discovered the power, stability, freedom, and cost savings of Linux!

Why Linux?

Chances are you've been using Microsoft Windows for years on your desktop computer, so why would you want to try out Linux?  For lots of reasons, here are just a few...

1. Cost of the OS.  Linux is only a fraction of the cost of MS Windows, especially when you consider MS Windows is sold with a per-computer license (Linux is licensed on a per-user basis).  For example, if you had a computer at home, one at work, and a notebook for travel, you'd need three copies of MS Windows.  MS Windows XP Home Edition is $200 ($300 for Professional Edition.)  Since MS Windows requires a separate "activation code" for each of your computers, you've now spent $600, just for the OS.  With Linux, you'll probably spend under $50!  That's a savings of over $550!  

2. Cost of the Computer.  You may be thinking, "But MS Windows came free with my computer."  That's not really the case, because the computer manufacturer pays around $100 to Microsoft for a license to include MS Windows, which then gets marked up by both the manufacturer and the retailer, so you could end up paying around $200 or more for every computer you buy if it includes MS Windows.  Fortunately, due to the increasing popularity of Linux, there are manufacturers out there who will sell you a computer with Linux pre-installed instead of MS Windows, and you'll pay significantly less for these computers.  For example, compare the KooBox, a Linux-based computer to computers running MS Windows.  Here are some Linux computers from Wal-Mart for starting at under $300!  Here are dozens of computer resellers, all over the world, who will sell you a Linux computer at a fraction of the cost of a MS Windows computer.

3. Cost of Applications.  Here is where the savings really start to add-up.  To get the basic Office Suite from Microsoft (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software), you'll spend around $500 per computer.  Again, because of Microsoft's activation codes, you'll need one copy for each computer.  That means you'll be spending $1,500 if you have 3 computers.  You can find comparable Linux Applications for under $100 (many even at no cost!), and you can use them on all three of your computers.  This would be a savings of over $1,400!  .

4. Total Cost of Ownership.  Now, toss in support costs, other misc. applications, upgrade costs every year or two, and you start to see how you could be spending literally THOUSANDS of dollars to be using that "free" copy of MS Windows that came with your computer.

5. File compatibility.  Linux will work with pretty much all the file types that are used by MS Windows. 

6. Stability.  Linux is well known for its amazing reliability...it just runs and runs and runs.  Users often report going months without ever having rebooted their computer.  MS Windows users find it difficult to even go a day without having to reset their computer.

7. Virus Protection and Security.  The basic underlying architecture of Linux was designed with security in mind.  The problems MS Windows has had with viruses, worms and security breaches are well known.  Some versions of Linux even come with Anti-virus integrated right into the operating system for even additional protection.

8. An "Open" System.  Unlike MS Windows, which has many proprietary parts that only Microsoft has access to, most parts of Linux are open, so it's much easier for 3rd parties to develop, support and work on Linux software.  Can you imagine driving a car that only the manufacturer knew how to change the oil on?

9. Linux is Fun.  Because Linux is Open, you tend to have thousands of independent developers creating interesting software programs that you can run on a Linux computer, and most of these applications are much less expensive than MS Windows applications or even free.

10. Linux is Cool!  Ask anyone who has used it, they have a hard time ever going back! 

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Special $20 Offer to Try Linux Today!

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