Which Linux is best for YOU?

Linux operating systems have come a long way from the difficult and technically complicated operating systems of the past. Today, Linux operating systems come in many different versions, or distributions, as they are commonly called. All are based on the core Linux operating system (called the Kernel), but each is optimized for specific users.

Check out the table below and decide which operating system is best for you.

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Here are the five most popular versions of Linux, each having its own specialty:

We Recommend Linspire for Most Desktop Users
and Red Hat or SuSE for File Servers

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For servers, we recommend SuSE and Red Hat, both excellent products.  For most desktop or laptop computer users, we recommend Linspire.

Because Linspire is designed specifically with the desktop/laptop in mind, it tends to do the best job with ease-of-use and supporting those features most important to desktop/laptop users (multi-media support, wide hardware support, plug and play support, laptop support, tutorials, etc.)  The below comparisons are with the default installation of the five most popular Linux operating systems and MS Windows XP. You can see why we recommend Linspire for desktop/laptop use, especially for those new to Linux.  If we were to create a chart with criteria for file servers, Red Hat and SuSE would be the clear stand-outs.  For experienced Linux users, developers, and "geeks," Mandriva is a great choice.

Specs & Desktop Features

Version Five-0
CNR Edition
Edition 2005
10.0 Desktop OS Version 3
Deluxe Edition
Recommended for Use On Desktops
& Laptops
Desktops Desktops & Servers Desktops Desktops
& Laptops
Recommended for Type of User Non-
Technical Technical Non-Technical Millionaires
Retail Cost $89.00
$20 Offer!
$65.00 $59.95 $89.95 $199
Time to Install 13 Mins. 15 Mins. 30 Mins.  12 Mins. 25 Mins.
Licensing Per Family Per
Per Family Per
Ease of Use for someone new to Linux (Avoids use of technical terms, audio tutorials, familiar and comfortable interface, etc.)
Ease of Installing New Software Programs
Ease of Installation of the OS
Technical Support from Vendor
Menu Organization
Consistent functionality, look and feel throughout
Wide Hardware Support
Stability - Bug Free
Active User "community" (forums, chat rooms, etc)  
Exclusive focus by company on Desktop use
CNR Technology (Click and run thousands of software programs from the web-based CNR Warehouse with just one mouse click.)
Real Audio & Video Support Included
Quicktime Support Included
Windows Media Support Included
Java Support Included
Flash Support Included
In-line Browser Video Streaming of popular file types (Quicktime, Windows Media, AVI, MPEG, etc.)
CNB Technology (Click and buy new commercial software, risk free, with just one click.)
Opens Microsoft Formatted files (.xls, .doc, etc.) with one click.
Manage Your Personal Software Library Online vs using CDs
Specialized laptop features available with Advanced Power Management
Built-in Audio Tutorials
Auto Update ALL Software on Your System (OS and programs)
Built in Ad Blocking for Web Browser
Modern Web Browsing using Tabs
DVD Player Available
Plug and Play Auto Detect USB and Firewire Devices such as digital cameras, flash memory, scanners, mp3 players, etc.
Crisp, clear, shadow-free, anti-aliased fonts
Multi-network IM support for Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL 
Wireless Networking Support (A, B & G)
Record and burn CD support included
Built-in Google Web Search Features
Built-in Website Language Translation
Integrated SIPphone software for free world-wide calling
Built-in Virus Checking Available
Built-in Pornography Web Filtering Available
IM supports tabs, logging, and in-line spell checking 
Internal Wireless Support for Most Laptops, including Centrino support
Proprietary Licensed Bitstream Fonts Included

* The above comparisons are with the default installation of these products based on our testing.  We basically install the OS with the default settings, then perform the tests.  An asterisk (*) indicates the OS has limited functionality or can be added, but with some degree of difficulty for a novice user.  TryOutLinux.com is for those interested in trying Linux for the first time, and these users won't know how to install new software, change complicated settings, etc. 


Below are some of the other better-known Linux distributions, but some of these are typically not for the average computer user, and will require a fair amount of knowledge of Linux, command line instructions, etc.  Some of these are also from smaller companies that won't have the distribution channels and support resources of the popular versions listed above.

Full list of other Linux versions.

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