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To help you try out Linux right now, has arranged for this special offer from Linspire, Inc. Linspire is the leading Desktop Linux operating system designed specifically for the desktop and laptop.  (Watch 5 Minute Flash Demo to learn more about Linspire.)  To let you try the amazing power of Linux on your desktop, you can get a copy of Linspire Five-0, courtesy of your visit to today, for only $20  

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Here's how easy it is to get your $20 copy of Linspire Five-0 right now!
  1. Go to the Linspire Product Page.

  2. On that page, click the button for any of the following products:  

    Product Reg.
    Google Coupon Code
    Linspire Five-0 - Digital Download $49.95 $20.00 TryOutLinux
    Linspire Five-0 - Retail Box* $59.95 $30.00 TryOutLinux
    Linspire Five-0 CNR Edition** - Digital Download BEST VALUE! $89.95 $49.00 TryOutLinuxBundles
    Linspire Five-0 CNR edition - Retail Box*  BEST VALUE! $99.95 $59.00 TryOutLinuxBundles
    * Shipping & Handling will be added to Retail Box purchases. Retail Box purchases include immediate Digital Download, but the retail box will also be shipped to your home or office.
    ** The CNR Edition includes Linspire Five-0 and a one-year subscription to the CNR Service with access to more than 2,000 software applications.

  3. Click the  or  button.
  4. On the next page, simply click the button.  When asked, enter the appropriate Coupon Code from the above table.  

    And then click the button.  This will apply the appropriate discount, and then click the button.  Next, simply check out!

  5. Once you've completed checking out, go here to download the .iso file you'll need to burn your Linspire installation CDs.  (You can always find these files by logging into your account at and clicking on the My Products link, and then CD Downloads.  The coupon code will expire soon, but you can download your files at anytime after you've used the code to purchase Linspire.) 

    For help using .iso files, burning a CD, installing Linspire, etc., please visit

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